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Growing up in a Guyanese home, spice was a staple in every meal. We love spicy food! My mom Gigi’s pepper sauce, the OG sauce which was the inspiration and drive for our brand, has always garnered a lot of attention for its explosive heat and flavor. In fact, my wife and I have been thinking about bottling this family recipe for years. After some persuasion, we received approval from Gigi herself, so we started the process of sharing among family and friends for feedback and improvements. Now we would like to extend this and other sauces of our own, to you.

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  • OG Pepper Sauce

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    Our OG pepper sauce has an explosive taste. The mustard, relish and vinegar are subtle allowing for the Scotch bonnet’s heat to release through.

  • Raw Red

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    Myri peppers fermented in vinegar for weeks. Then blended with a touch of salt. This process intensifies the heat, leaving behind a kick of fire on your palate.

  • Smoked Green

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    Our Jalapeños are smoked over wood, then pickled in vinegar and garlic. These steps and simple ingredients work together to marry the heat and flavor, resulting in this masterpiece.

Locally Sourced Peppers

And we mean local! All our peppers are grown in our garden or those of nearby friends and family.

Our Guarantee

Although we do our best to protect our product prior to shipping, should your bottle arrive damaged, we will replace for free.

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